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When I'm Loving You
Romance/Comtemporary Fiction
Price: $15.00
When I’m Loving Youis a little more than a romance novel. It is a story of three best friends overcoming major obstacles in their lives in order to pursue the healthy, loving relationship they deserve. Despite their personal struggles, these women live passionately and stand on faith.
Natasha gets a second chance at love after the tragic loss of her only child, but will pursuing this love be worth the fight? Dianne is happily married until she becomes the stepmother of a child she didn’t know existed. Consequently, are there any unresolved issues from the past that will threaten her marriage? Lynda finally realizes that she can focus and love only one man, but will  her “love them and leave them” ways finally catch up with her?
Walk the journey with these three women as they deal with matters of the heart while enduring the hardships of marriage, motherhood and love. You will cheer these women on as you read how Natasha copes with her pain, how Dianne deal with her uncertainty and how Lynda let go of her promiscuity. This provocative story about love and relationships will definitely leave you wanting more!
Moments in Love: Reflection through Poetic Expressions
Price: $10.95
Travel down memory lane through the personal journey of K. Lowery Moore, Poet and Author, as she reflects on the most heartfelt moments in her life. Eloquently written, her poetry embraces the beautiful side of love and relationships, while not forgetting the heartache and pain it can also present. Her words will also inspire and motivate others, especially African-American women, to love themselves, appreciate family and live passionately. As you read the poems within Moments in Love: Reflections through Poetic Expressions, you will laugh, cry, and smile as it will surely touch your soul.
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