K. Lowery Moore - Author of Romance and Contemporary Literature...
This page is dedicated to my mother,
Ernestine Lowery Moore,
a precious jewel who was taken too soon.
  Ernestine Lowery Moore
  Copyright 2007 by K. Lowery Moore
Today and everyday I know you are smiling down on me
And I hope you are proud of the woman I’ve turned out to be
All that I’ve done and all that I do
Mama, is in the honor of you
  You are the source of my strength to keep me striving for the best
I admired you so, you made motherhood seem effortless
Never complaining, putting your four children’s needs in front of your own
I just wish you were here to see how we’ve grown
  All these years have been so hard without you here
Especially on Mother’s Day I just wish you could be near
Your picture hangs on my wall to soothe me when I’m sad
Plus your grandsons can see what a beautiful mother I had
 But again, I know you’re in Heaven smiling down
I would just prefer to have you around
Mama, sometimes I need you especially when the world is not so friendly
But I always live by the values you’ve instilled in me
 To always be strong and walk with my head held high
Carry myself like a lady and never be afraid to cry
To always have dignity and a sense of self respect
Because when all else fails, that’s all you have left
 So mama as you can see your baby girl is okay
And in my heart you will always stay