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K. Lowery Moore
is the author of the sizzling novel, When I'm Loving You and the poetry book, Moments in Love: Reflections through Poetic Expressions.
Born Katina Anjanette Moore, this author and poet is a native of Washington, D.C. and currently resides in Temple Hills, Maryland with her two sons. As an honor graduate, she holds a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management from Strayer University.
K. Lowery Moore, the youngest of her mother’s four children, grew up in the Northeast quadrant of Washington, D.C. until 1983. She was forced to leave her school, River Terrace Elementary, the summer after the fifth grade when her mother died from a heart attack. Having to leave her friends and her school activities behind, she discovered an interest in writing. Writing was her way of keeping her mind off the fact that her mother was gone.
K. received praise for her writing assignments throughout school. However, it wasn’t until she attended a  graduate course at Strayer University, when one of her professors mentioned that he wanted to use her research paper as a sample for future classes, that she realized her true writing talent. She put graduate school on hold; thus her first novel was published shortly thereafter.
K. attributes much of her determination for success to having a loving family who nurtured her after losing her mother. She lives by the belief that her mother is always watching and she is determined to make her proud. Searching for a way to honor her mother’s memory, she decided to write under the pseudonym, K. Lowery Moore, adding her mother’s maiden name, Lowery.
Since the release of her novel, When I’m Loving You in November of 2007, K. Lowery Moore has participated in several book signing events and her book was selected as book of the month for local book clubs. She was interviewed on Harambee Radio, an Internet radio show, and appeared on a local Washington, D.C. Cable Televisions show called, Success Filled Living, which aired in May of 2008.

Moments in Love: Reflections through Poetic Expressions, was released in May 2008. She frequently shares her poems from the poetry book at various venues in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.
Currently, K. Lowery Moore is a federal government employee with twenty years of service. She is also the founder of So Sophisticated Publications, an independent publishing company, which she established to publish and maintain control over her work. She foresees building her business into a publishing consulting firm that will primarily assist new authors in pursuing their literary careers. She looks forward to enrolling in George Washington University in the fall of 2012 to study for her Masters of Professional Studies (MPS) in  Publishing.
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